Vaticano Apartments

Borgo-Vaticano, is the 14th historic district of Rome. It lies on the west bank of the Tiber, and has a trapezoidal shape. Its coat of arms shows a lion, lying in front of three mounts and a star.
These - together with a lion rampant - are also part of the coat of arms of Pope Sisto V who annexed Borgo as fourteenth rione to the city of Rome.
The Borgo borders the Vatican City, Saint Peter's Square, to the west, the Tiber to the east, Prati to the north, the quartiere Aurelio to the southwest and Trastevere to the south.  The territory of the quarter includes a level part, which is made of the alluvial sands of Tiber, and a hilly zone, which coincides with the clay-laden slopes of the Vatican hill.