Campo dei Fiori Apartments

Probably the square’s name’s origin, literally “flower’s field” it’s because it was abandoned for several years during the XIV century and got covered with wild flowers. In 1456 Pope Callisto III paved it so that it became a crowded area and a popular horse market took place there twice a week. That’s how Campo de’ Fiori became what we see today: a crucial social and economic center.

Unfortunately it became popular even because many public executions took place in the square. The most famous is Giordano Bruno’s, who was burnt the 17th of February 1600 because of his support to Galileo’s and Copernicus’ theories about Earth’s rotation around the Sun. The Church by that time affirmed the opposite.

The statue in his commemoration, posed in the center of the square has a plaque written by the Italian poet Giovanni Bovio, it says: "A Bruno il secolo da lui divinato, qui dove il rogo arse".

A “must” if you’re staying closet o the square or just if you’re passing by is the bakery at number 22. Every minute they take out of the oven hot and crunchy pizza…don’t miss it!

Another typical roman custom is to “chill out” on the square, there are doze of touristy restaurants that at night become night clubs, pubs and wine bars. We even like to move a little further to Piazza Navona if Campo de’ Fiori gets too crowded and loud for us. The quieter square Piazza Farnese is more relaxing and you can just sit there on a bench and chill, surrounded by beauty.